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Teach Yourself English for Windowscontains all you need to start learning English language:

  • English Vocabulary Builder v.1.0 
  • English<->Romanian Dictionary v.3.1 
  • English Conversation Guide v.3.0 
  • English Grammar - Quizzes v.1.0 
  • English Grammar - Exercises v.1.0 
  • Text To Speech Software v.1.0 

  • The dictionaries contain over 70.000 words and terms, sound extension for all English words and an extensive English grammar. The English Conversation Guide has a sound library with over 2.000 sentences from everyday life and record facility to compare your pronunciation with the program. The exercises allow you to practice the grammar rules on verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, question words and more. This software can help you with:

  • English Conversation;
  • English Speaking and Pronunciation;
  • English Understanding;
  • Practicing the English Grammar Rules.
  • Using Teach Yourself English software package you can learn English language by hearing and repeating a sentence how many times you wish only by a simple click of the mouse.The clear pronunciation of the sentences will help you to quickly learn how to pronounce the English words and how to put the stress in a sentence. 

    We guarantee that in two three days you will learn a lot of words and you will understand and use the pronunciation rules of the English language.

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