Teach Yourself Romanian - multimedia software package for Windows
Salut Ovidiu,
Just wanted to tell you how helpful the CD is. It is well worth the money. I had all my Romanian friends over and they all thought it was a great training tool. I am trying new things to say to them everyday and I am understanding more what they are saying when they talk Romanian to each other. I wish I had bought this CD a year ago. Multumesc!! 
Jim Kendall, USA

Thank-you for quick response of the software!!!! It is the best product I've ever seen for learning Romanian!!! I am enjoying myself as I learn a new language!!! Multumesc
Brian S.,USA

Hello Ovidiu,
I really like your products and they have added another dimension to my learning tools. It will be a very useful tool. Are you the speaker in the Conversation Guide? The speed is very good.
Jill, USA

I tried the pronunciation guide. It's wonderful. You did a great job! Multumesc.
Marsha Robertson, USA

I received the final package last week and have installed all of the modules without complication. So far I am very pleased with the product.
Doug, USA

I won't be in Romania until November. I'm sure all the hard work you have put in on making this software will help me learn enough Romanian to communicate. I speak Spanish to some extent and know a little French which makes learning the basics of Romanian a little easier. Thank you again.
Jimmy, USA
I have been visiting Brasov for the past ten years. My Romanian is reasonable, BUT, the only problem is, whilst there, everybody wants to practice their English. With the help of the CD I expect my Romanian to improve to such an extent, that, they will not get the chance to speak English, thereby allowing me to improve my Romanian. Only having had the CD on my machine for about two hours my impressions are that it will be a great help. I like simple and friendly way it is set out for ease of use. My next visit to Brasov will be in April, driving overland from England. I hope to suprise all my friends with my newly gained knowledge for their language.
John Sim, England

I wanted to thank you for your service. Never has anyone been so concerned over my recieving something I ordered. If I ever need to look for other language supplies, you'll be the first I come to.
Kelly, USA
Received my CD a few days ago - think it will be very useful to help me correspond with Romanian family I have befriended who do not speak English. Recommending it to other members of out charity organisation.
Ruth, UK

Dear Bogdan,
Thank you very much for the latest update - I'm already enjoying using it.
The previous grammar exercises are great too - thanks
All the best
A very satisfied customer!
Patricia Breakingbury, USA
I have received the software. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks!
Scott, USA
Thank you very much for you prompt reply in sending this CD ROM to me. It is very helpful, and as I travel to Romania at least 3 times a year, I will be able to take the CD ROM with me on my laptop, and there will be no excuses about understanding what is said to me.
Yours sincerely,
Jan Sloggett, UK
Buna Ziua,
Just a small note to say a very BIG thank you - I received the Teach Yourself Romanian course and its FANTASTIC - I am so happy with it and am sure once I learn the different accented characters I shall be talking like a native.
Thanks once again for all your help and the speedy service.
Kindest regards,
Ray Parrett, UK

Thanks for your software. It has been a great help for me.
Wayne Seagle, USA

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