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Teach Yourself Romanian is a complete multimedia software package for learning the Romanian language. The CD-ROM will help you learn Romanian interacting with the software via keyboard, mouse and microphone. It contains ten modules (five with sound files):

  • Vocabulary Builder v.1.0 New!
  • Romanian Pronunciation Guide v.1.0
  • Basic Romanian v.1.1
  • Romanian Conversation Guide v.3.1
  • Romanian Grammar - Exercises v.1.1
  • English Romanian Dictionary v.4.0 (175.000 words)
  • Romanian Verbs v.1.2
  • Romanian Nouns v.1.0
  • Romanian Adjectives v.1.0
  • MP3 files for mp3 player

  • Vocabulary Builder, Romanian Pronunciation Guide, Basic Romanian and Romanian Conversation Guide have Romanian voice. Basic Romanian and Romanian Conversation Guide have record facility in order to compare yourself with native speaker.

    Vocabulay Builder will help you learn the 500 most common words in Romanian. It comes with recorded files and cliparts to help you learn quick the pronunciation and meaning of the words. Basic Romanian is a product for beginners. All you need to start learning Romanian with its help is to have some knowledge of English. Romanian Conversation Guide has a sound library with over 2.000 sentences and covers the most important situations of everyday life. The exercises, offered in interactive format, help you build a basic vocabulary and practice the Romanian grammar rules. Romanian Verbs is a quick and easy reference for the conjugation of over 3.200 verbs. Romanian Nouns v.1.0 contains the full declension of over 12.000 nouns. Romanian Adjectives v.1.0 comes with the full declension of over 3.500 adjectives. The dictionaries contain over 175.000 words and terms, a guide to Romanian pronunciation, phonetic transcription of the Romanian words and a Romanian grammar.

    The CD-ROM comes with over 2000 MP3 files (mp3 version of Basic Romanian and Romanian Conversation Guide) to create your own audio CD to listen to in your car or to your mp3 player.

    This software package can help you with:
  • Romanian Conversation;
  • Romanian Speaking and Pronunciation;
  • Romanian Understanding.
  • Using Teach Yourself Romanian software you can learn Romanian language by hearing and repeating a sentence how many times you wish only by a simple click of the mouse. The slow pronunciation of the sentences will help you to quickly learn how to pronounce the Romanian words. 

    We guarantee that in two three days you will learn a lot of words and you will understand and use the pronunciation rules of the Romanian language.

    System Requirements
    mp3 player (optional)